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Does anyone know who the girl with the cat ears is or what anime she is from? The one between Shana and Naruto.



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This is the character Mito Mashiro, the main heroine from the visual novel/eroge Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity by studio Lump of Sugar. It has a 2009 anime adaptation, but I think the image posted is taken from the VN directly. She is the incarnation of a goddess, and her goal is to bring harmony between humans and a fictional supernatural race called Tayutai. She also falls in love with the protagonist.

Here's a similar picture from the visual novel. It's a slightly different pose, but I think it's clear that it's still her.

Mito Mashiro


After some image cropping and Google reverse image search, I almost instantly found her to be Mashiro Mito from the Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity series

enter image description here

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