What is the piano theme played at the end of Episode 15 of Sword Art Online?

In this scene, Kirito is looking at the picture of Asuna in a cage at the top of Yggdrassil.

  • It's probably either A Tender Feeling or Friendly Feelings; those are usually the "Asuna" themes. They are part of the SAO soundtrack.
    – TylerH
    Sep 2 at 21:25
  • Actually the "asuna" theme is TylerH recommended is a good theme. But the theme when kirito looks at the picture of asuna who is imprisoned in a cage in ALO is not part of the "asuna" themes . The theme is somewhat depressing in nature . The theme is played at the end of s1 episode 15 just before the ED(Ending song). Sep 7 at 12:26

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