Where does this figure come from? From the wiki of Northern tribes, it states she buries 400,000 northerners at once and then breaks and kills their hero, Numa Seika.

In the manga, I see her kill the hero in Ch. 7 and in Ch. 10 we see Esdeath's 3 henchmen throw tribesmen into a pit to be buried alive. It doesn't directly state northern tribesmen but even if they were northerners, where does this 400,000 number arrive from?


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It's on manga chapter 8 and anime episode 5.

The number "400,000" was mentioned when the Emperor was describing Esdeath after the recommendation from the Prime Minister.

Manga chapter 8

She (Esdeath)'s as great a hero as Budo. It should be fine! She's a woman of ice who buried 400,000 tribe members alive!!

Anime episode 5

With her dominion over ice, she buried over four hundred thousand northerners alive.

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