During the Goodwill Event, when Todo Aoi finds out Itadori Yuji's taste in women, he goes into an intense day-dream where he and Itadori are high-school classmates. In his day-dream, Todo declares his intention to confess to Takada-chan, who is also a student in the same school in his fantasy, and he has the following conversation with Itadori:

Todo: Why are you sure that I would be dumped?
Itadori: On the other hand, why do you think she would agree?
Todo: Anne Sullivan once said this to Helen Keller. "How can a fool think about losing before he does it?"
Itadori: That's what Inoki said.

I have heard of Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller, but who might be Inoki? My best guess is that it refers to the wrestler Antonio Inoki, but I am unable to confirm or deny it. In case it is an actual quote said by a real person named Inoki, could someone please provide a source for it?

Furthermore, as Todo comes out of his day-dream, he recites another quote (at least, the subtitles that I have seen place these words within double quotes):

At home, we are invincible…

Perhaps this is also a real quote, said by the same Inoki encountered earlier? Any help in tracking down these quotes would be great!

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Todo was quoting Antonio Inoki... and song lyrics.

The quote "How can a fool think about losing before he does it?" was a parody of Antonio Inoki's reply in a pre-match interview at '90 New Japan Pro-Wrestling Super Fight IN Tokyo Dome. It was an answer to the question asking if he would retire if he had lost the fight.

deru mae ni makeru koto kangaeru baka iru kayo!
Does anyone think of losing before the match?


The quote after his daydream was from the song Seishun Amigo by Shuuji to Akira.

Si si 俺たちはいつでも 二人で一つだった 地元じゃ負けしらず
Si si ore-tachi wa itsudemo futari de hitotsu datta jimoto ja makeshirazu
Si si, the two of us were always one, at home we were invincible, weren’t we?


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