Are seasonal anime series repeated in Japanese TV?
What about long running anime series like Naruto/One Piece? Are these repeated?

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    By "repeat" you mean "reruns"? I would anecdotally suggest "yes" since that's what a lot of major broadcasters do, but it depends on what you mean there. When do you expect that to happen - in general or at specific times? When the show is out of print/out of season (like Ranma 1/2 being shown on air again even nowadays)? While the show is actively broadcasting?
    – Makoto
    Nov 2 '21 at 22:08

Animations from the season usually repeat the most recent episode in 1~5 different channels, deppending the popularty. There is reruns also, but mostly very mainstream... Precure, Doraemon, etc...

Also, there is exclusive animation channels in Japan. The ones I know are AT-X and Animax... They mainly broadcast old animations. Also AT-X is known for broadcasting uncensored animations (without stupid censorship)

Right now Animax is broadcasting Macross Delta, and AT-X Shiroi no Aquatope.

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