I’m watching One Piece from the beginning and I’m currently in the Arlong Park arc. Near the end of episode 31, Hatchan has cooked an entire pig for Momoo and it has a strong resemblance to Hawk from The Seven Deadly Sins:

enter image description here

Now, I want to believe this is a coincidence, but part of me wants to know that this artist had a very successful career and worked on both anime. Unfortunately, my efforts to find the list of artists that worked on both shows have proven to be fruitless ventures.

Were there any artists that worked on early One Piece episodes that also worked on Seven Deadly Sins, or is this pure coincidence?

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I see https://nanatsu-no-taizai.fandom.com/wiki/Hawk?file=Hawk+Anime+Season+3+Design.png and image share are somewhat different.

While both are pigs, I see Hawk has small nails/hoofs & long ears. There are more differences but I believe you got a bit mixed up - just like me when I read this question :)


To me, the pig in that scene in One Piece is a pretty generic pig. You can compare with these images of pigs from mangas: enter link description here

Also, the Seven Deadly Sins manga was released from 2012 to 2020, while the Arlong Park arc in One Piece was released in 1999 (2000 for the animation). Eiichiro Oda drew that scene without knowing Seven Deadly Sins, and it is hard to imagine that the author of Seven Deadly Sins took inspiration from such a trivial scene.

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