In season 4, when Alice asked Asuna "Just how long were you and he together?" Asuna replied "I was his partner for two years. Then we dated for probably a year and a half."

If they were still dating, wouldn't she reply something like "We were partners for two years, and for 2 weeks we lived together, and Kirito and I are still together."

I know that they love each a lot. It's just the way she replied, that made me think that they aren't together anymore. I would understand if maybe, they are taking a break from each other because both sides' life is a bit hectic and they need to sort things out before being together again.

Did Asuna and Kirito take a break from each other?

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    like in friends season 3 we were on a break?
    – BCLC
    Jun 18 at 11:25


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