At the end of the 17th episode of the anime SHUFFLE!, Sia tells Rin-kun that the society of god is polygamous, which suggests that Sia is willing to accept Rin-kun having more than one wives.

In the 21st episode, Kaede tells Asa that no matter who Rin-kun chooses, it would be fine so long as she, Kaede, is allowed to see him. That means Kaede can accept Rin-kun marrying other(s).

In the first half of the plot, Asa already harbors a romance feeling towards Rin-kun, yet she's able to happily see him having fun with other girls. It seems that Rin-kun marrying other(s) would be ok for her, although it's not sure.

As for Nerine, fewer is known. Her attitude towards Rin-kun marrrying others seems unrevealed in the anime.

That said, a possibility came to my mind. Why not marry Sia first, go to the polygamous society of god and then marry the 3 other girls?

There are also some potential obstacles to this route:

  1. Asa's unsure attitude and Nerine's unrevealed attitude.
  2. Is it legal for a devil like Nerine to follow polygamy?
  3. Can one marry the princesses of god and devil and become the king of both society? Is it against their laws?

For all I know, the anime doesn't say much about these matters. So, what do the game, manga and light novel say about these matters? Besides the above matters, are there other matters to consider? What have been said about 'other matters'?

Postscript: There are some anime that still make sense if you try to analyse them. Shuffle! may be one of them, which can be seen through its serious attitude towards Kaede's characteristic of yandere, a feature that may likely be used as a source of entertainment in other anime. Besides, there are already many analysis on traditional art works, say novels and TV series. It's time we do more analysis on anime.


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