Some websites/YouTube channels claimed Akira Toriyama recently stated Gohan is the strongest Saiyan. This statement would be in the context of Gohan getting a new transformation called Gohan Beast, so it's somewhat believable, though it also could be a false rumor.

Did Akira Toriyama state recently that Gohan is the strongest Saiyan?

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One of the plausible references is probably from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's movie pamphlet that contains Akira Toriyama's commentary (dated back to May 28, 2022).

Image courtesy of Yahoo! Japan News

The first question is:



Q: What was your aim in featuring Gohan, Piccolo, and also the Red Ribbon Army?
A: Gohan is actually stronger than anyone else. But he has not had much of a chance to play an active role in recent years. [...]

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