Previously: What exactly does "best girl" mean and where did the expression originate from?

I was told that 'best girl' is not simply 'your favourite female character' (or even your favourite character to jokingly include male characters) contrary to what an answer here says:

'Best Girl' is usually used to refer to someone's favourite character in a series.

Based on what I was told, a prerequisite to 'best girl' is that you find this character physically, possibly sexually, attractive because saying 'best girl' is 'sexualising' a character.

Question: Is there any such connotation of this? (As in really conntation beyond denotation.)

This seems very strange to me because many 'best girl' characters are below the age of 18, especially in anime where the main characters are usually below 18. So, I guess it would be pedophilic if there was something sexual about this. Additionally, I guess it's like exclusively heterosexual female fans can't have a 'best girl'.

Also it seems like in this case no one can have a 'best girl' in anime like say The Promised Neverland (they're actual girls not just below 18 but below 13 afaik) or Beastars (they're animals).

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    I feel like this is one of those things that varies from person to person. For me, personally, it does not: "best girl" is the one with the most likeable personality, whose screentime I find the most enjoyable, with no correlation to how sexually attractive they (or the rest of the cast) may be. For others, it may well be different.
    – F1Krazy
    Jul 11 at 7:54
  • @F1Krazy thanks! however perhaps this can be answered non-opinion by citing some articles? Maybe from some of the same articles the previous question?
    – BCLC
    Jul 11 at 11:52


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