I ask here about how in S03E10, Kaguya addresses Moeha (Chika Fujiwara's imouto) by 1st name only after previously, in S02E02,

A - expressing reluctance to do the same for Kei (Miyuki Shirogane's imouto) and

B - addressing Moeha as Moeha-san.

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This is the 1st time I've ever called someone by their 1st name only. - Kaguya about calling Kei Shirogane by 1st name.

Question: Is Moeha the 2nd person Kaguya has addressed by 1st name only?

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It's probably the on-screen case, but I think it's N/A because it's likely a temporary change based on the reasons for why Kaguya calls Moeha without the -san. See here and here. Comment by sundowner:

Yes, I think it is likely to be temporary. Moeha is used just because of the nature of what Kaguya tells Moeha.

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