In The Quintessential Quintuplets, when taking her mid-term exam, Yotsuba doesn't know the answer to a question, so she uses a policy to guess the answer.

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I think this policy is a meme among students in Japan. In fact, in where I live, students also have similar policies. The most famous two might be:

  1. Choose the evidently different option. If one of the options is ridiculously simple/complicated/short/long compared to the others, then it's probably the correct one.
  2. If 1 doesn't work, the most probable answer is the 2nd last option, the 2nd most probable answer is the 1st option.

Of course, 2 may vary slightly across the country.

What are some famous policies for students to guess the correct answer in a test in Japan?

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    There are also some kind of meme-like tricks for SAT, see this for math and this for reading.
    – Michael
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    I’m voting to close this question because this is only tangentially related to anime, and is looking for an answer more centered around test culture.
    – Makoto
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    @Makoto Yet this is a well-known culture to Japanese students, which shows up in anime. You can always tag cultural related stuff as irrelevant if you like, since not many of them would appear in most anime.
    – Michael
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    @Makoto Not knowing this picture or the meme won't hinder your understanding the plots. You can always happily move on with your anime while turning a blind eye to its memes or culture related stuff.
    – Michael
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    I'd argue that this question is opinion-based/polling instead of a cultural question since anyone may have their own policies.
    – Aki Tanaka
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I don't think there is any specific policy that is commonly followed.

If anything, the answer is random choice. One common thing that any Japanese student has heard of is rolling a pencil (Enpitsu korogashi). A typical pencil has six sides (hexagonal), and students roll it to decide which one to mark as correct when s/he has no idea for the question.

Of course, if you think the 3rd option is correct for 5 questions in a row, it will make you nervous. And people may think the first and the last option is unlikely to be correct, but these are rather a matter of (folklore) psychology.

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