In episode 12 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji snapped after Junpei's death and punched Mahito. We see him contemplate that

"Yuji Itadori isn't concerned about his own life, but Geto forbade me from forcing him to an external pact using hostages. So, if he has a foe he hates so much he longs to kill them but still can't, he will probably turn to Sukuna"

Now, why does Geto not want the use of hostages?

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This is answered by Geto near the start of episode 14 "Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event—Group Battle 0—" (Transcription: "Kyōto Shimai-kō Kōryū-kai—Dantai-sen ⓪—"; Japanese: 京都姉妹校交流会—団体戦⓪—). Basically, a Binding Vow needs to be initiated of one's own volition. Externally pressuring someone into a pact does not count, and tricking someone into accepting a Binding Vow is extremely difficult. So, it would be a waste of effort to try and force Itadori into a Binding Vow with Sukuna by taking a hostage.

This is the conversation between Mahito and Geto in episode 14:

Mahito: The game started when I met my new toy, but it didn't go well. It wasn't bad at first, though. I should have taken the toy hostage, and forced Itadori to make a Binding Vow.

Mahito (speaking to Itadori in his imagination, while holding Junpei hostage): If you don't want him to die, hand over your body to Sukuna.

Geto: No, a Binding Vow can only be done by himself. It's not that simple to initiate a Binding Vow through intervention.

It is interesting to compare this with how Sukuna manages to get Itadori to accept a Binding Vow as per Sukuna's conditions in episode 6 "After Rain" (Transcription: "Ugo"; Japanese: 雨後). Sukuna obviously understands that he needs Itadori to agree to it of his own free will, and he manages to get Itadori to do so by adding a small additional condition: if Itadori defeats him in a battle, then Sukuna will revive him unconditionally; else Sukuna will revive him as per the conditions of his Binding Vow. Goof that he is, Itadori promptly agrees to this, and is just as promptly defeated.

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