In many anime nowadays, the dragons, monsters, devil, semi-human or orcs are usually adorable girls maybe with thicc figures. Say, in Dropkick on My Devil, the devil from the hell is like an innocent little girl. In the good old days, things were different. The vampires in Blood: The Last Vampire are closer to what people would expect of a monster, but this kind of appearance of a monster seems quite rare today.

Why are monsters and the like in anime usually adorable girls nowadays?

  • the devil from the hell in Dropkick on My Devil enter image description here
  • a vampire in Blood: The Last Vampire (bottom right) enter image description here

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You are conflating different genres.

2018, Goblin Slayer

enter image description here

1988, Kyuuketsuki Miyu

enter image description here


Some of this is due to the influence of Japanese folklore. Japan has many folk tales and urban legends regarding a spirit or monstrous creature that takes the form of an attractive young woman or a crying child in order to lure people in, which then turns into a hangered old woman with monstrous features, before either attacking the person or fleeing suddenly.

Think the ghost in the library from the original Ghostbusters.


I think it continues the trend of moe anthropomorphism, even into creating a new genre called "monster musume".

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