Maybe related: Nishikata hides 100% Unrequited Love from Takagi even though Takagi already knows

I watched Takagi-san out of order. In particular I watched S01E07 before S01E04. (Maybe I also watched S01E05 before S01E04.)

  • In S01E05 "Bookstore" (Ch9), Takagi finds out Nishikata bought a volume of 100% Unrequited Love.

  • In S01E07 "Shopping" (Ch37) Nishikata denies buying another volume and even makes an insane bet with Takagi.

Question: In S01E04, how did takagi know that nishikata was up watching 100% Unrequited Love?

It makes sense if S01E04 takes place after S01E05 or S01E07 (maybe S01E05 or S01E07 is a flashback?), but I don't see how it makes sense if S01E04 takes place before. (In particular, I think the chronological sequence for the 100% UL parts should be 1st S01E07 and then S01E05 and then finally S01E04.)

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From a later episode

S03E03 Takagi: Because I know everything about you.

enter image description here

This is when Takagi reveals knowing about a TV programme that Nishikata looked forward to watching. Takagi just knows in general I guess. I guess it's not really to do with the 100% Unrequited Love.

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