The Devil Fruit eaters lose their ability to swim, but it's not been said that they would also lose their ability to breathe under water.

Like if a Fish-Man eats a Devil Fruit, he would lose his ability to swim, but wouldn't he be able to breathe under water due to being a Fish-Man?

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Yes, fish-men retain their ability to breathe underwater, even if they have a devil fruit.
As an example, we have Jack the Drought of the Beasts Pirates. He is a giant grouper fish-man and ate the Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth.

Since he is a Devil Fruit user, he has lost the ability to swim, but because he is a fish-man, he can breathe underwater. Though, he still would not be able to move if he falls into the water.

We see him in Chapter 824 of the manga underwater being conscious but unable to move.

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