In Cromartie High School, an old man occasionally appears in the sky:

old man in clouds

No one ever comments on this, so presumably it's only we viewers who see it.

Who is he, or what is it a reference to?

  • Could you provide some episode numbers and timestamps?
    – Aki Tanaka
    Nov 21 at 17:10
  • @AkiTanaka I suppose I can later, but having recently binged the series, my feeling is that he appears in at least half of the episodes, always in a way similar to the above screenshot.
    – Sean
    Nov 22 at 17:02
  • Does he say something? Then maybe he appears in the credits. This kind of old man in the sky is usually a deceased relative or neighbor looking down from heaven. But this anime is a nonsense comedy, so it's definitely not playing a normal script.
    – Ocean
    2 days ago


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