What is the meaning of DuRaRaRa!!! I was told it was a reference to a word meaning non-sense but, I can't find that anywhere. So, what does it really mean?

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According to TV Tropes, it doesn't mean anything and is just gibberish that the author (Ryohgo Narita) made up on the spot:

When asked by his editor for a title, the auhor [sic] had none in mind and spouted a few random syllables.

Narita explained this in a blog post in 2011 (credit to @merlyn for finding this):

...I was editing the finished draft of the book and my editor called and asked, “Isn’t it time to give an official title to the Public Relations department?”

So I just randomly gave a name, “Du…Durarara?”


Thus the title ‘Durarara!!’ was born—although to this day I’m still not quite sure what it’s supposed to mean.


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