During episode 2 of Samurai Champloo, Mugen's walking through some wooden posts with kanji on them. What are they? I can't imagine they're grave-stones or something, since they're all bunched in a row like a fence. If it matters, the anime is set in the Edo period-ish, roughly in the 1840s. mugen walking through fenceposts

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It is called 卒塔婆(sotoba) and seen commonly in Japanese cemeteries. They are normally placed at the back of grave stones like the following (source):

enter image description here

Usually some matra or names of people buried there are written on them.

Apparently the ones similar to the picture you posted can be found in a Japanese temple, but most probably it's unique to this temple (or at least it's rare; I've never seen things like this).

source (also mentioned in the Wikipedia article above):

enter image description here

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