One of the fundamental things in The Misfit of Demon King Academy is discrimination based on some demons being "hybrids", but either I missed it, or it was never explained what they are a hybrid of.

I did some looking on the net and didn't find any clarification either. I don't think it's humans because of the giant wall, and demon-spirit hybrids are always specially called out, like in the tournament arc. I don't think it's a demon-god hybrid either, since the gods in the show tend to cause so much trouble.

  • Japanese Wikipedia does not seem to mention even ハイブリッド=hybrid - isn't is just demon-human? (protagonist? is described as 父グスタ・母イザベラをもつ人間に近い魔族(混血)として転生する -- 混血 means multiracial)
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I believe that a misfit in The Misfit of Demon King Academy is a person/creature furthest away from a demon king.

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