During the Hashira Training arc of Demon Slayer, we find out that:

Nakime has replaced Hantengu as the Upper Demon four

Even in final arc, Upper Demon Six will be replaced (not adding details for spoiler reason). So, why are Upper Moon Demon replaced if one of the member dies? As we know, Muzan is very ruthless and wiped out the entire Lower Moon Demon due to incompetence. How does the ranking system work for upper moon demons?

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  • "not adding details for spoiler reason" - proceeds to add another spoiler in question. Jokes aside, it's possible they were much stronger than Upper Five (don't remember if they were alive or not at season end).
    – Daemons
    Commented Jun 10 at 20:56
  • I dont understand your question, why not? Hashiras are also replaced. If a commander dies in a military, he's also replaced. Makes sense
    – Pablo
    Commented Jun 18 at 12:39
  • Hashiras can be replaced but demons are different. Muzan prefers order and reliance. If he sees incompetence, he kills them (unless they are already killed). So, you are saying that demons will be in a pack of 6(in each group) and they will be replaced if killed and not gradually reduce? Has anywhere in the Manga were this implied? @Pablo Commented Jun 18 at 15:11
  • Or the alternative way of saying this is why Muzan prefers the upper demon over the lower demons? Commented Jun 18 at 15:13
  • I've finished the Demon Slayer manga, but I dont recall all the details, that's why I didnt answer. But I think it's mentioned upper demons are replaced if killed. This isnt a spoiler because I'm not sure
    – Pablo
    Commented Jun 18 at 15:29

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So, the MOON DEMONS are the demons that took an important amount of MUZAN's direct blood and didn't die, they were able to gain power and develop special demon techniques (like the Breath styles but demon way) through his power and they also took parts from his memory. And normal demons are just people who got bitten or were in cotact with demon blood and turned to demons.

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    And what make them replaceable? Commented Jun 4 at 14:42
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The Upper Moons are replaced through deadly battles. The Upper Moon demons have lived a long time, eaten many people, and are very powerful, earning Muzan's trust more than the Lower Moons and receiving more of his blood. In other words, a demon who receives a lot of Muzan's blood and continues to eat people without dying will grow in power to the level of the Upper Moons. For example, Enmu from the Mugen Train arc: if he hadn't fought the protagonists directly but had continued eating people elsewhere, he might have become as strong as Daki in a hundred years.

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