I often see in anime that when a character is mortified, terrified, etc., this shading comes across their face. Different from the forehead shading. I just want to know if it has a name.

illustration of the shading described above

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    I think that is either "Straight Line" shading or "Solid Shading".
    – Henkyo
    Commented Jun 11 at 12:14
  • One of the places I know where the shading is used is depicting serious scenario in a goofy anime (to portray contrast). A recent example I know is when supposed GF of Yuji Itadori asks Nobara if she likes him or not (S2 of JJK). See: youtu.be/8BS9Li0ls6Q?si=aMg4e_AMgPDbdFoU Commented Jun 13 at 2:41


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