I just read the manga travel by Yuichi Yokoyama.

What is the meaning of the A2 and A3 stickers seen on packages and documents carried by strangers when the 3 main characters walk inside the train? A3 is on small tubes, and A2 is on a folder and an A4-sized box, so I guess it is not ISO 216 (paper size) though.

This manga contains zero dialogs and nearly zero text of any kind, except for A3 and A2, which are shown prominently.

A3 on page 30 | A2 on page 31

Left: A3 stickers on page 30 | Right: A2 sticker on page 31

  • I'm not really sure what you are talking about, since I cannot spot anything in that image, but since you are talking about documents it might simply be their size as explained here. – spiel Feb 11 '14 at 15:11
  • Sorry I don't have any image of the page showing B2 and A2. B2 is on small tubes, and A2 is on a folder and a A4-sized box, so I guess it is not ISO 216 though... – Nicolas Raoul Feb 11 '14 at 15:19
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    I just finished readin... err, viewing the scenes in this manga. However, I replaced B2 with A3 because that's what I found instead. – Aki Tanaka Jan 11 '18 at 15:32

While it's true that this manga lacks any dialogs, there are actually 2 pages at the end (pg. 196-197) that describe the whole scenes from the beginning until the end.

For page 30-31,

pg. 30-31

30-31 鞄の中にファクシミリ用感熱紙、コピー用紙、ファイルブックなどの文具又は書類が覗いている。

30-31 Thermal papers for facsimile, copy paper, filing book and other stationaries or documents are peeking through the bag.

Researching those things returned these images:

thermal paper for facsimile copy papers

Thermal papers for facsimile by Fujifilm | Copy papers by Super Echo

Thus, I believe spiel's comment was actually right: they are standard paper size labels. The A3 thermal papers are rolled into a cylinder, and the A2 copy papers are showing their shorter side. (Which means that the filing book is also A2-size, which also exists)

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