Do the master of The Ryozanpaku Dojo resemble certain stereotypical descriptions? If they do, which stereotypical appearance would this be?

  • You mean like "lecherous old man" personality stuff or stuff that has to do with martial arts? – Jon Lin Feb 17 '14 at 13:19
  • personality stuff – user2240863 Feb 17 '14 at 13:23
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You're probably better off looking over this TV Tropes page as there's a lot of common stereotypes/tropes that these characters are tied to.

Kenichi is kind of a gag show on top of shounen fighting so it's so chock full of stereotypes that it's hard to list them all.


Stereotypical might not be the correct word to describe the masters, however, they all do have common personalities compared to the millions of fighting mangas out there. I think it would be better to explain it as no one master has a truly unique personality that doesn't exist in other series.

Here are some of their following cliche personalities:

Kensei Ma (Kung Fu) - Perverted, Passive
Apachai Hopachai (Muy Thai) - Brainless brawn, yet soft on the inside
Shio Sakaki (Karate) - Boastful, tough, brawler
Koetsuji Akisame (Judo) - Cool, calm, collected tactician
Shigure Kosaka (Weapons expert) - Quiet, deadly, mysterious
Hayato Furinji (Furinji style) - Superman

As you can see, their personalities are quite common in other characters from other series. There is nothing personality-wise that makes these characters one of a kind.

Extra side note: Contrary to how the manga describes Akisame's style as Jujutsu, realistically it is Judo. Sakaki's style is also technically Karate-do as opposed to Karate-jutsu.

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