I'm at around chapter 588 at the moment, and they're currently fighting against the shinobi who have been reincarnated by Kabuto. They seem to be fighting over a wide stretch of land that looks like it could be most places that isn't the desert. I can't remember if they said where they were fighting, but does anyone know approximately where (in relation to the various villages) they are fighting?

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If we are to follow the images and information we are given. It should be somewhere in between the Lands of iron and an island in the Land of Lightning This is the current ninja world map. source source of image

Below a piece of the tactic explanation showing a piece of map enter image description here

Looking at the 3 borders in the tactics. Taking the angle shape, and the information that it is between the lands of iron and the floating turtle.

enter image description here

This would be the most logically location for it to be occurring

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