In the anime, Tomoya ended with one girl. But there's two ova's where he got a different ending, with two different girl.

I tried to play the visual novel once, and was able to get a good ending with Sakagami Tomoyo and Fujibayashi Kyou, but I never reach a good ending with Sagara Misae (manager of Sunohara's dorm) and Fujibayashi Ryou. How many ending are they in Visual Novel?


The regular routes in the Visual Novel are with:

  • Fujibayashi Kyou
  • Fujibayashi Ryou
  • Furukawa Nagisa
  • Hiiragi Kappei
  • Ichinose Kotomi
  • Ibuki Fuko
  • Miyazawa Yukine
  • Sagare Misae
  • Sakagami Tomoyo
  • Sunohara Mei
  • Toshio Koumura

There are three additional endings for the after story of the original game (therefore, routes opening up after continuing to the after story of Furukawa Nagisa). Another spin-off game is available that includes an after story for Sakagami Tomoyo, and is called "Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life".


Roel van Uden's answer is pretty accurate. However concerning Fujibayashi Ryou.

There is no good end except for her end in Hiiragi Kappei's route.

I also found this a useful site: http://soukyuu.emevas.net/CLANNAD_guide.html

  • There actually is a good ending for Ryou and Tomoya, other than your mentioned one.
    – Deathspike
    Jan 3 '17 at 8:32

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