The series producers decided to move the more "spicy" manga chapters into the OVAs, and because of this they are chronologically spread between the anime episodes.

What should be a chronologically correct viewing order of the OVAs + anime episodes?

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    If I remember correctly, anime episodes cover the beginning of manga chapter, and OVAs seems a little bit random. I'll rewatch and reread it again to make sure – Darjeeling Mar 7 '14 at 0:16
  • The series and the ova are 2 separate things, although they released about the same time. @ShinobuOshino Feel free to post it as a anwer ;) – Dimitri mx Mar 7 '14 at 22:14

After reread and rewatch it, I conclude that the animators just took a random chapter of the manga and put it on anime anywhere they like, there is no chronological sequence of the anime, you can watch it from the anime randomly and will not lose the plot, unless for the last three episode.

However, there is some important event that can be sort chronologically based on manga chapter:

  1. manga chapter one and anime episode one when they're still kids and show how Ako and Riko save Keita from dog.
  2. manga chapter five and the beginning of anime episode four (4 years ago) when Ako and Riko start to fell in love with keita
  3. end of anime episode nine when Ako and Riko made Keita a good luck charm
  4. anime episode 10 is when Keita take the exam and after exam
  5. OVA episode four when Keita, Ako and Riko goes on trip after the exam
  6. anime episode 11 when he receive the accepted letter from school from Mikuni (unlike in anime, on manga this is Keita first meeting with her)
  7. anime episode 12 Keita get in the same school with Ako and Riko

and from here it only happen in manga and hasn't been told in anime, BEWARE SPOILER

manga chapter 42 when all the character goes on trip and manga chapter 67 when keita start dating Kiryuu Sensei

some of the OVA episode happen before anime, and some chapter in manga didn't happen at all in anime or OVA.

So, with that being said, this anime doesn't really care about plot and focus only in ecchi-almost-hentai theme. You can watch it however you like and just enjoy the show


Well there's a lot of debate about that. I found that there's 'somewhat' of an order as it follows below, and by the way, that order is how the OVA's and anime's episodes were released as well:

  1. Ova 00
  2. Ova 01
  3. Ova 02
  4. Ep 01
  5. Ep 02
  6. Ep 03
  7. Ep 04
  8. Ep 05
  9. Ep 06
  10. Ep 07
  11. Ep 08
  12. Ep 09
  13. Ova 03
  14. Ep 10
  15. Ova 04
  16. Ep 11
  17. Ep 12
  18. Ova 05
  19. Ova 06
  20. Ova 07
  21. Ova 08
  22. Ova 09
  23. Ova 10
  24. Ova 11

Note that the OVA's list starts with '00'. It isn't a typo, it's how it was released, and is counted as that in the official list of released content of the series overall. This list is for BD released / translated content.

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