My son is looking for an anime. He says its main character is a little red-haired girl who pilots a racing pod. The pod has two large guns on each side. She uses this pod in a race of some kind. The organizer of the race fools the girl into thinking there is a prize but there isn't one. He also thinks the girls has something that looks like 2 band-aides on each side of her mouth.

I know this seems vague, but any help is much appreciated.


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I would wager that he's looking for Ōban Star-Racers. It's a series, but was based on a short movie called Molly Star Racer.

The basic story starts as:

In the year 2082, Earth has been invited to compete in the Great Race of Ōban, an intergalactic race whose winner can be granted any wish in the world — even bringing back a loved one.

-- Wikipedia

Additionally, the marks on the main character's face (a female) resemble band-aids (though one's a star):

enter image description here

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  • Omg thanks sooo much I have been trying to finds this for hours and I finally I can watch it. thank you again
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