How can Tobias in Sinnoh League Champions ep.658 own Latios? Latios, as a legendary Pokemon, appears only once in the whole Pokémon world and, for we all know, he is dead since the Pokemon Heroes movie?

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Although they are called "legendary", these Pokémon are not necessarily unique in the anime (or in the games). A good example is Silver, which is a younger Lugia. Tobias most likely has a second Latios.

  • I thought of that too, however Bulbapedia says that "Silver is a baby Lugia"...That would mean the other Latios would have to be the parent. But that was never mentioned, that's why I feel a little confused.
    – Michal
    Mar 19, 2014 at 16:44

It's my understanding that Pokemon Heroes mentions that they come with their father and HE became the first soul dew. Not only that, but at the end, a Latias can be seen flying with two Latios, one her size and one larger. They could be another family, or perhaps the entire family reunited.

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