After the Mugiwara crew reached the Sabaody Archipelago, they decided to take a "break" for 2 years.

But, before this break, how many month or years did it take for them to reach the Archipelago? How long was it after Luffy was released from the barrel?

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According to this World Timeline and this other one, in total we're between the 2 and 3 years. In the first chapter, Luffy was 17, now he's 19.

The break took 2 years, but before that we have some months of Morgan (first antagonist) then Captain Kuro, Don Krieg, Arlong, etc.

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Luffy departed at the age of 17, no info on whether it was on the first month of the year or if it was on his birthday.

Event Period
Luffy's solo voyage 1d
Alvida arc 1d
Zoro arc 1d
Buggy arc 1d
Usopp arc 3d
Island of Rare Animals 1d
Meeting Yosaku and Johnny 1d
Baratie arc 4d
Nami in flashback with Straw Hats 1d (ep. 34)
Nami arc 4d
Travel 2d (ep. 45 & 46)
Loguetown arc 1d
Travel 2d
Warship Island arc 2d
Twin cape 1d
Travel & Whiskey Peak 1d
Travel 2d
Little Garden arc 1d
Travel 1d
Drum Island arc 1d (Ep80: Vivi mention Nami's been sick for 3 days. 1st d: Little Garden, 2nd d: Travel, 3rd d: Reach Drum Island)
Travel to Arabasta 7d (after Drum island, Straw Hats headed for Arabasta, and in ep. 78, Vivi mentions that it's not possible to get to Arabasta within a week. Rough guess: 10 days, so 10d-3d=7d)
Arabasta arc 10d
Post Arabasta arc 5d
Travel 1d
Goat Island arc 7d
Travel d
Ruluka island arc d
Jaya 1d
Skypiea arc 6d (Apparently in One Piece Fandom Wiper's section, Straw Hats were partying for several days before departing, so I'll just add 3d on top of the 3d shown in the anime)
Navarone arc 2d
LRLL arc 1d
Travel 1d
Ocean's dream arc 2d
Travel 3d (In fandom, it said Foxy's Return arc took place "sometime after" Ocean's Dream arc, so I'll just assume they've been traveling for 3d)
Foxy's Return arc 1d
Encounter with Aokiji 1d
Rest 4d
Travel 2d (3rd day arrive on Water 7)
Water Seven arc 2d
Enies Lobby arc 1d
Post-Enies lobby arc 4d (Luffy&Zoro reunite with Coby on the 2nd day)
Travel 2d (At the start of the Ice Hunter arc, the crew is still in the middle of talking and praising how awesome their new ship is. So 2d is about right)
Ice Hunter arc 2d
Travel 3d (In the Fandom Thriller Bark's section, it said "a few days" after Water 7, but unlike in the Ice Hunter arc, the crew no longer discusses much about Sunny. The excitement of getting a new ship has died down)
Thriller Bark arc 5d
Travel 1d
Spa Island arc 4d (the arc is 1d, and in Fandom Spa Island section, it mentions "A few days later", so I'll add 3d travel on top of the 1d)
Rest 2d
Travel 1d
Sabaody arc 1d
Kuma Express Fast & Comfortable 3d
Amazon Lily arc 1d
Impel Down & Marineford arc 6d (in ep410, Momonga mentions the date/day of execution. Ep. 416 Elder Nyon confirmed "in a week, which is six days from today")
Ep. 411 Luffy's Straw Hat became bigger
Post-war arc 14d + 7d (Amazon Lily to Marineford) + 7d (Marineford to Ruskaina)
Total 154 days

In the Warship Island arc, Nami shown us on the map the distance of their travel and how many days it took to reach said distance. Apparently, Straw Hats has been traveling for 2d after they left Loguetown, yet they're still far away from reaching the RedLine/Reverse Mountain. The journey from one island to another always took almost a week, but unless the crew or the episode mentions it directly, I'll just assume it took them 1d instead. And I'll also count it as 1d for every time Nami changes her clothes.


When they reach the Red Line, the halfway point on the Grand Line, the crew celebrate and comment on what a year it had been. This is just before the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. So with the two year break, it is a little over 3 years in total.

This information is from the manga, not sure if they mentioned it in then anime.

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According to the best One Piece timeline I've seen so far, it took Luffy and his crew something like 70 days, give or take like 20 days, from the time he left his barrel to the time he arrived at Sabaody Archipelago.

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