In the first Hunter Exam of the series (Hisoka's second), he was introduced into the series removing another applicant's arms from his body for bumping into him and not apologizing.

hisoka's intro

What did he actually do? We know Hisoka's abilities are Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise, but they don't explain how the arms are converting into flower petals as seen above.


I highly guess they made that up to convert this scene into a less violent type for the younger-age audience. In the actual manga, this was what it looked like:

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 5

You can see that the arm is chopped off but with no flower petals whatsoever and judging by the angle, the blood is ought to be seen. They probably did not want to reveal that part and instead took it from the side angle by "magically" making the arm disappear.

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