In the opening of Tales of the Abyss (from the 3DS, not sure about the PS2), at around 1:40, there's a shot of the Daarth Cathedral where there's a woman letting out something like a gust from behind her (moment before you see Ion or Florian at the alter behind). There seems to be more of this woman, as when I start a new game, the first cutscene shows a group of them gathering above the planet.

I'm currently on the final battle. At first, I thought the woman was Lorelei, but the characters call Lorelei a he. I checked the walkthrough to see if I was on the very last battle, since in Tales of Graces F there was a second story after I defeated Lambda which focused on fighting Little Queen, I confirmed that the fights I'm on are the last. (Then again, the walkthrough is for the PS2 version. A second story could have been added for the 3DS version, but I doubt it.)

Since I'm at the endgame, I am still wondering who this woman is?

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I'm pretty sure it the spirit of Yulia Jue. It's also her her spirit floating about the world in the opening scene.

Yulia Jue

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