I have been thinking about this for a while, but I haven't really been watching enough just-released anime to form a picture of what type of series are broadcast when.

I'm interested to know if publishers pick certain seasons for a show to be published? Or do they release it as soon as they have the idea, in the nearest season?

I'm sure there could be lots of reasons for a show to be published in a particular season instead of another one:

  • Scheduled Christmas Episodes, Valentines Day/White Day
  • School Holidays / School Year
  • Seasonal trends for particular genres
  • Publishers know a similar title / popular title will be coming out

I don't really see any trends with this though.

The answer could be very publisher-dependent, but is there any evidence that any companies knowingly wait until a preferred season?

  • They choose it based on show and audience for instance why would they put Sword art online during school period since its a show likely to produce a high amount of audience, sales of products and the such or so I think. How they pick a show and when they deploy it is pretty much decided based on the expectation levels for that show, and on the manga data. But hey that is just me thinking since for instance they don't make a second season for shows that have low sales etc.
    – Prix
    Apr 6, 2014 at 15:46

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I think most Publishers dont, since most anime are aired for 3 months and contain a timespan of way more Tome(like in most School Anime they contain a whole school Year), but I think there are trends of Genres over the seasons, for example, most 'Harem' Anime are started in winter/spring and most sport anime are aired in summer.

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