I watched the two OVAs of "The Lost Canvas" (26 episodes at total). But the story didn't end. Is there a sequel of this OVA series? If yes, can you please name them?


According to My Anime List, the sequel to the Lost Canvas OVAs is Saint Seiya's TV series. Also, this image of the timeline seems to back up that claim, though I don't know who created the image.


I suggest you to read Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas in Manga version because it has much more details about the sequel. There are 25 volume of manga version and The end of the last volume also talk about 243 Years Later that continue to Saint Seiya.


They never ended the anime run of Saint Seiya Lost Canvas due to low ratings on Japan.

There have been multiple request from the fans, for them to finish the lost canvas anime, but they have been ignored.

You could read the manga.

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