When Saint Seiya Omega starts, there is an evil character named Mars, which seems to be defeated by saints before. But I have never seen him in the previous series. Some of the plot is built on past events about which we are assumed to have a priori knowledge. It is strongly like this series have a prequel.

I have watched these TV series:

  • Saint Seiya
  • Saint Seiya - Hades Chapter OVA - Sanctuary
  • Saint Seiya - Hades Chapter OVA - Inferno
  • Saint Seiya - Hades Chapter OVA - Elision
  • Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

But still I can't tie up any of them with the currently ongoing Saint Seiya Omega series.

Does "Saint Seiya Omega" have a prequel?

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The only thing which comes between Elision and Omega is the movie Saint Seiya: The Heaven Chapter - Overture. The Lost Canvas is a prequel.

However, according to Wikipedia, it is an anime-original story separate from the original continuity, and you aren't assumed to have watched all the previous series. As far as I know, Mars only appears in Omega, so there are definitely some unexplained points which might get answered in flashbacks or might remain forever unexplained.


Saint Seiya Omega Does not have a prequel.

Mars was created exclusively for saint seiya Omega, and all the background we get from his previous battle against the saints is told during Saint Seiya Omega.

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