I just checked out the new chapter of the Fairy Tail manga. In page 10 of chapter 372, after Erza was freed from the dungeon by Natsu, when that demon bird woman came back to check up on her, Erza shows up in front of her, and equips this new armor that I never seen before in the anime.

enter image description here

Did Erza just unlock a brand new suit of magic armor on page 10 in fairy tail chapter 372?

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Erza uses Requip:The Knight armor as mentioned here in the magic used section. This type of armor has various type. So this particular one used by erza might be another variant of it which was not mentioned.


It is called the Piercing Armor. It allows her to pierce through substances and leave an hole within them. That was actually the first time she used it within manga/anima.

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    Can you cite where you get the name from? – nhahtdh Mar 29 '15 at 18:00

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