I'm looking for lyrics on the songs in the Rebellion movie (original and translated), what are the lyrics for:

  • Nightmare song (track #3)
  • Mami's fight scene
  • Mami's remixed theme
  • "Dream world"
  • "Noi!"
  • "the worst ending"
  • "I was waiting for this moment"

The only lyrics I've been able to find so far is for Made Dame Yo.

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  • I think this question should remain open - there's a good reason OP can't find lyrics for these songs, which I've pointed out in my answer.
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    May 8, 2014 at 22:17

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  • Nightmare song (track #3)

Track #3 is "Mada Dame Yo", which you said you found lyrics for.

  • "Dream world" [#25]
  • "the worst ending" [#33]
  • "I was waiting for this moment" [#40]

The lyrics for these are in Kajiuran (cf. this answer), which is not an actual language. Lyrics for pieces in Kajiuran are typically not released (though even if they were, you couldn't translate them, because, you know, it's not a language).

  • Mami's fight scene
  • Mami's remixed theme

If you can point me to the track numbers or titles for these, I can check on them (I don't remember off-hand which ones these were). Odds are, though, these are also in Kajiuran.

  • "Noi!" [#32]

The lyrics for this one are also not a real language. I would hesitate to call it "Kajiuran", just because it seems a lot more Germanic-inspired and less Romance-inspired than her usual stuff, but anyway, you're not going to find lyrics for this one either.

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