In episode 7 of Ouran, Renge cosplays (poorly) as Kisaragi Quon from RahXephon.

left: Houshakuji Renge; right: Kisaragi Quon

But why?

I suppose it could just be a throwaway reference, given that that Ouran and RahXephon are both Bones productions; I'm just wondering if there's any greater depth to it than that.

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In the designs created by Akihiro Yamada, that were adapted by Hiroki Kanno for the anime, Quon is depicted wearing clothes with a very French motif (e.g. parasol, beret).

Quon illustration

On the Vol.2 DVD release (used in France and Japan, but not in the initial U.S. and UK release), Yamada illustrated Quon wearing a frilly lace-trimmed dress and stockings, carrying a parasol for a goth loli look, which was inspired Old French Victorian style dresses.

Quon v.2 cover

The stereotypes mesh well with Renge, being a French "otaku."

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