So far on the series, every time a student is transferred out from Black class, different flowers are put on that student's desk the next morning.

Flowers left for Otoya Takechi on episode 3 Flowers left for Kouko Kaminaga on episode 4
Flowers left for Haruki Sagae on episode 5 Flowers left for Shiena Kenmochi on episode 6 Flowers left for Hitsugi Kirigaya and Chitaru Namatame on episode 7 Flowers left for Suzu Shutou on episode 8 Flowers left for Mahiru/Shinya Banba and Isuke Inukai in episode 10 Flowers left for Sumireko Hanabusa in episode 11

Are these all flowers that really exist?
If so, what are their names and their significance?
And if not, what are they supposed to imply about each character?
What is the significance of each different kind of flower for each of the girls?

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    The top right flower is a red spider lily. In the manga, Suzu says they mean "I'm looking forward to meeting you again," though other sources indicate it means "abandonment" or "lost memories." The bottom left one seems to be verbena flowers.The top left one seems to be a pair of white Angel's Trumpets.
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Yes, they are actual flowers. And according to this tweet from the anime's official Twitter account, the hanakotoba (花言葉, literally "flower words") that are hidden behind each flower have some relevance to each character.

See also: What is the relation between the flowers and the heroines in ED sequence of Photokano?

So far, the names of the flowers and their implied meanings have been stated in the manga or by the anime staff in response to viewer questions.

Otoya Takechi

Kouko Kaminaga

  • 彼岸花1 2 (red spider lily)

    • 「また会う日を楽しみに」1 2 (looking forward to seeing you again)
    • 「悲しい思い出」2 (sad memories)

    red spider lily
    Photo by Flickr user kenji mori / CC BY 2.0

Haruki Sagae

Shiena Kenmochi

Chitaru Namatame

Hitsugi Kirigaya

  • 白バラ (white rose) / 「無邪気」 (innocent [childlike]) 4

Suzu Shutou

Mahiru/Shinya Banba

Isuke Inukai

Sumireko Hanabusa


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It's a sign that the girl is 'gone' and not just absent.

The flowers on a desk usually means that the student is dead. However in the anime, it could mean that they were kicked out or worse, executed.

  • Yes, this I could understand. I edited my question to make it clearer that what I want to know is how each particular flower relates to each particular girl.
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  • Flower meaning = Their personality or probably just a unique random flower placed by the author in order for the viewers to know their differences.
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    May 11, 2014 at 12:09

I feel like the flowers placed on each student's desk are a sign of respect, honor, and even friendship. I say this because every time a "player" failed to succeed in 48 hours, a flower would be placed. That is what I see it as, but you may have other opinions.

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