Here is official video:


And I really want to know what the song is all about? :)

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    This question appears to be off-topic because it is about song lyrics – Hakase May 12 '14 at 15:31

See this video taken from the Central Park Media release for the English lyrics:

Oooh, the quiet whisper,
Oooh, it's where I'm staring,
When you open up that door,
Hey, that guy is sexy,
When I turn around again,
He's not there!

Oooh, no matter how far,
Oooh, it just keeps going,
On the surf and on the sand,
Hey, that guy is paradise,
If oyu go and wink at him,
He's not there!

Outlandish wonders are the Rumic World,
This is the legendary Ronron Beach,
Please don't go and cry,
Pleas don't be shy,
If you only smile,
Certainly, it is a pleasant weather map!

Bween! Bween! Bween!
Now just like this,
The way I feel,
Floating on the universe,
The seduction of a wacky, wild, wonder world.


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