I have read the wiki on his power but it still does not make sense to me. I would argue that the way Giriko's Fullbring works is very inconsistent, but am hoping for a decent explanation. The first time we see his power, he attaches a timer to a box while training Ichigo. The next time we see it, he shoots projectiles at Ginjo. The third time, he uses a dial on his shoulder to get massive (big and green like hulk it seemed to reference).

Question: How does his power actually work? Is there some link to each of this uses that I missed? Can you give me an answer that is not full of loopholes?


Judging by the way he states it, he can create "contracts" with set time limits. The contracts seem to extend to anything and everything with a spirit.

as the fullbringers state "Everything has a soul". he makes a contract with the box to trap ichigo inside, the next is the energy, he makes a contract with the air to fire it at rapid speeds (energy) at ginjo, then finally after he is wearing his fullbring he makes a contract with his own body to become "invincible" as he states...

"Time tells no lies" ie, within this set time period everything I say is true.

I don't have much to back this up with, it's just as logical as I could think of.


I think that his fullbring gives him the ability to make contracts about anything which makes him extremly strong. However, if he breaks or changes it, he will lose a body part. It is like a strong sword with double edges, at least logically.

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