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6 votes
1 answer

Why it is called 91 days if there were only 12?

So, basically the question in the title. I thought it had something to do with how long it took for Angelo to complete his revenge but I'm not too sure.
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5 votes
4 answers

Ending of "91 Days"

At the end of 91 Days, Angelo and Nero are walking on the beach and after Angelo walks past him, Nero We never really see what happens to Angelo, as Nero drives off (with a can of pineapples?) and ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What was Avilio's alibi during the after-credits scene in episode 2?

In the after-credits scene of episode 2 of 91 Days, Nero questions Avilio about the circumstances of Vanno's death. Crunchyroll translates the dialogue as follows: AVILIO: He stole Vanno's gun. I ...
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