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Why is Kaiji referred to by 1st name while Akagi is referred to by last name?

Kaiji and Akagi similarities They are both gambling manga series written by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. They were both adapted into anime series and live action series/movies. They both have a single word ...
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What's the song playing in episode 25 in the middle of Akagi vs Washizu match? [closed]

In episode 25 of Akagi at 11:55, in the scene where Washizu wants the 1 of dots, a song plays when Akagi finally plays the tile. It keeps playing whilst Washizu is talking about adrenaline and all the ...
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Why did Akagi leave the opportunity to have a better hand in his first game?

I have watched just the anime, and even if he didn't know about specific hands, he leaves the chance to gather the bonus tiles and improve his hand, as Nangou remarked. Am I missing something here? ...
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What manga chapters does the Akagi anime adapt?

I just finished the Akagi anime. It seems safe to conclude that Akagi probably survives the match with Wachizu, but since there are two more rounds that aren't covered by the last episode of the anime,...
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