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Questions pertaining to the process of writing, animating, distributing, or otherwise creating anime. This tag generally should NOT be used for questions about things like characterization, thematic elements, or other artistic concerns and certainly not for identification requests.

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9 answers

What differentiates anime from regular cartoons?

In my region, people don't know the difference between anime and regular cartoons. When they see me watching anime, or they hear about it somehow, they say that I'm watching a regular cartoon and ...
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What happens when a seiyuu cannot continue working on a production?

Voice acting is one of the many things that can make an anime movie, OVA or TV series successful or not, and some seiyuu gain their own followings or are treated like idols. What happens if, say, a ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Is anime production more efficient than manga production?

To explain, I want to know whether it is more efficient to produce anime or manga, and why. Anime: Needs to be made frame by frame need people to record voice. Manga: Needs lots of paper has to ...
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34 votes
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Do anime usually lose money?

It seems as though a lot of anime go through a production cycle where they put out a series that seems fairly popular, but ends long before the manga's storyline does. Obviously, a big reason for ...
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What software is used for making anime? [closed]

Is there any particular software or software family specifically designed for making anime? Are they drawing all the frames of motion scenes, or does a software automatically generate them? For ...
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