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Questions tagged [arakawa-under-the-bridge]

Arakawa Under the Bridge is a manga series by Hikaru Nakamura.

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Why does Brad Pitt cameo in these manga?

I noticed in some of the manga that I've been reading that Brad Pitt is appearing in them. He appears in Yakitate Japan under the name Brad Kidd, showing up several times during the series (both ...
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What position does the village chief have when he's not a kappa?

The man with the village chief's voice is only seen twice in both seasons. In the first instance, he was protecting Arakawa by stopping Rec's father's plan to develop the area by influencing a senator....
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4 votes
3 answers

What is the meaning of Arakawa Under the Bridge's opening theme song?

I'm kinda wondering what the opening theme song of Arakawa Under the Bridge, Venus and Jesus lyrics mean. On the third stanza, A neighbor of Venus Why? During that interval that we don't know ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why did the older Tetsujin brother become shorter in the anime?

I was reading about the characters of Arakawa Under the Bridge, hoping to learn some of their background stories. From there, I found out that the older Tetsujin brother grew younger later in the ...
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4 votes
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Is the story of Arakawa Under the Bridge that cuts off in anime continued in manga?

I've watched 2 seasons of Arakawa and it seems that the story didn't get adapted into anime in full. Namely, we know that Nino must leave for Venus soon, but she doesn't even in the final episode. And ...
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Who are these guys in the end of every episode?

At the end of every episode, there are some guys cosplaying the Chief and Hoshi Who exactly are they?
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2 votes
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Are the Arakawa anime chapters based off a manga?

Each episode has a number of chapters in it, with about 100 in each season. I think season 1 actually had 105 but season 2 ended with Chapter 200. I am wondering if these chapters are actually based ...
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