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Questions tagged [ascendance-of-a-bookworm]

"Ascendance of a Bookworm" is a light novel series written by Miya Kazuki. A manga and anime adaptation exist. Librarian Urano Motosu dies in an avalanche of books and is reincarnated as the sickly child Myne in a fantasy world. The problem: as a peasant, she has no access to her beloved books. So she becomes determined to make her own.

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Licensing light novel or manga cost

I would like to know how much does it costs to license such light novel or manga like ascendence of a bookworm or akagami no shirayukihime? And is it possible to have two publisher one in English and ...
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Is it believable that Myne's confectionary recipes are so valuable?

The premise of Myne selling the pound cake recipe to Frieda and her chef is that sugar is new and nobody really knows how to use it. If we compare this to our own history, is it believable that nobody ...
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2 answers

Why is Myne's name spelled as both Myne and Main by different sources?

I've seen the anime spell Myne's name as Main in the credits and such, but the light novels use Myne. Why is this? Where does this name even come from?
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Did the original Myne really die?

At one point in the story, Myne tells Lutz that she is actually a reincarnation, and the original Myne was in all likelihood swallowed up by the heat of the Devouring. I found this explanation kind of ...
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