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Baby Steps is a manga authored by Hikaru Katsuki, beginning in 2007. Studio Pierrot adapted it as an anime beginning 2014. It is in the sports genre, focused on a high school boy as he learns tennis as a first year and develops over time into a high-ranking player.

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Is "The Best Meat Buns" a double entendre in Japanese?

Here is a shot from Baby Steps, episode 20 at time mark 16:46: I think "The Best Meat Buns" is the English translation of the sign Nat-chan is wearing on her back. She is considered one of the ...
2 votes
1 answer

What are the markings used above some song lyrics?

I believe lyrics are shown to both the first opening and ending songs of the tennis anime, Baby Steps. Here is a partial shot from the ending: You can see that the normal credits are single rows of ...