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Bakuman. is a shounen manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. A talented artist Moritaka Mashiro and aspiring writer Akito Takagi, two ninth grade boys who wish to become manga artists.

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2 answers

Do manga artists draw their comics by hand or use computers?

In the Bakuman manga, the authors show that the manga artists create a manga without using any technology like computers. Is that how the mangas are drawn?
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Was Bakuman deliberately made to attract new manga artists in the industry?

The manga and anime Bakuman talks about two middle school boys wanting to be published on a Shonen magazine. The anime clearly set a goal and create antagonists for narration purposes but the story ...
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Is there any reliable source that explains the Tsugumi Ohba-Hiroshi Gamo pen name?

It is said in some sites (including Wikipedia) that based on some cross-references the Bakuman and Death Note, the author, Tsugumi Ohba, is actually a pen name, and his real name is Hiroshi Gamo, ...
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Is Bakuman based on the real life story of the author or the people he knew?

Is Bakuman based on the life story of the author himself/the people he knew or is it a manga with a fictional story?
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Do any of the manga from Bakuman exist in real life?

Do any of the manga from Bakuman exist in real life? Are there any plans to make some of them? I would especially love to read Classroom of Truth.
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Why was Shonen Jump called Shonen Jack in Bakuman Anime?

Bakuman was able to get permission to use a number of titles such as One Piece, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, etc. The creators of the manga also work for Jump. Many of the characters in Bakuman are based ...
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Does Akito Takagi have parents?

There is no appearance of his parents at his marriage, during the proposal or even at his home! But there is (as long as my memory serves) no canonical statement where it is mentioned that he doesn't ...
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Were there any parts of the manga that were skipped in the anime?

I just finished watching Bakuman anime (seasons 1 thru 3) and really enjoyed the series. Right after finishing the anime, I found out that they skipped a portion of the manga in season 3 (around ...
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How different are the manga and anime versions of Bakuman?

I've been meaning to start watching/reading this series for some time now. However, I am unsure as to what media to choose. Is there many filler material in the anime? Does the plot get better ...
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Is Bakuman realistic?

Does Bakuman explain the life of a mangaka realistically? Is the way shounen Jack works the exact same as jump?
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What is this promotioner giving out all year round?

In the episode 20 of the first season of Bakuman, there's a promotioner lady giving out something (somewhat iPhone shaped), but the surroundings are static and it doesn't look like anyone is taking ...
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Do popular series like One Piece not take part in popularity polls in Bakuman?

In the anime Bakuman, several real-world mangas were mentioned and one of them was One Piece. We saw that in the popularity polls, only the series made by the characters present in the anime taking ...
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3 votes
3 answers

List of anime referenced in Bakuman

Can anybody give me a complete reference to all anime whose titles, artists and/or lines were referenced in the Bakuman series? It would also be great if you could let me know when they were mentioned....
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What is the serious comedy?

Hattori mentioned that what Ashirogi Muto's Manga lacked was Serious Comedy and tries to explain what it was and how to implement it in 22nd Episode in second Season. Ashirohgi Muto implemented it but ...
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What is the relationship between Hattori and Yuujirou?

In Season 1 Episode 22, during the KOOGY complaint scene, their full name was mentioned. Hattori Yuujirou and Hattori Akira. Are they siblings or mere coincidence that they share a surname?
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