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Why is Legosi's fur whitish grey

I watched the second season of Beastars, and during his training with Gohin to help Legosi stop craving prey, he has white fur. All the training has to do with predators' instincts. I don't know if I ...
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Carnivores vs Herbivores - What about the guns?

In the setting there are humanoid animals and the biggest problem is the instinct of the carnivores as predators. But in the real world the thing that makes the humans the dominating species is their ...
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Why did Haru put her arm into Legoshi's mouth in episode 11?

In the episode 11 of Beastars, Haru (the rabbit girl) put her arm into Legoshi's (the wolf boy) mouth in the hotel when they were going to have [...] and the explanation was that it was her instinct ...
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