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Beelzebub is a shounen manga series by Ryuuhei Tamura.

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How can Oga be separated from baby Beel?

In the most recent chapters (Ch. 232), Oga is finally completely separated from Beel. I do recall minor incidents in the past where they were separated as well, but in the very beginning, Oga would ...
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What is meant by "finished with a super 'DAH'"?

In chapter 196 of Beelzebub, after beating Nasubi, Oga buried Nasubi's doppelgangers into the ceiling, as shown in the image below. Is there a meaning in the position of the bodies (with the ...
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Is Beelzebub's main focus on comedy or storyline?

I have started watching Beelzebub anime. The anime is very funny, and I feel there is a plot in it. Does this anime have a real plot or is it just a comedy like Gintama? By a real plot, I mean that ...
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